Roasted Fruit with Streusel Topping–Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Note: Pictures featured in this post were not taken by me and are not mine. They came from the post that featured this recipe @ Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.

Yes, another recipe from my new favorite food blog, Mel’s Kitchen Cafe! And, it won’t be the last!

Last night I decided to try this recipe for dessert. It was pretty good. My husband cleaned his bowl, which he doesn’t often do with dessert/sweet type dishes. I really think that this recipe could be pretty versatile with the fruit you choose. I used plums and nectarines, just like Mel did. The nectarines were really hard to get open and the seed out. I was surprised at how hard that was to do! The plums were easy prepare though.

The only thing I did different was add more streusel topping. Oh, that streusel topping! It is Honey Bunched of Oats (or the generic if you are like me) and melted butter! It was SO good straight out of the bowl, before adding it to the fruit and baking! That could be dangerous for me!

Next time, I make it I’m going to try it with peaches or apples and see how that turns out. The plums were a little bit sour to me after baking, so I think I’ll go a different route. Maybe I needed to add more sugar to them. The nectarines were really good though.

The vanilla ice cream served on top of this warm dish is a MUST!!


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