Chicken and Vegetable Dumpling Soup–Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Note: Pictures featured in this post were not taken by me and are not mine. They came from the post that featured this recipe @ Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.

I knew I had to try this as soon as I saw this picture!

This is the first recipe that I tried from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe and I was not disappointed!  I’d never made drop dumplings before (in fact…the only dumplings I’ve ever made were biscuit ones!) and I was kind of surprised that they called for sour cream! They were super easy to make and really really good! My oldest daughter is very very picky and hard to please and she ate those dumplings right up!

The only thing I did different, and was really by accident, was that I cooked the broth/veggies (except peas) for a couple of hours. I thought this meal would take a long time to prepare so I started it like 2.5 hours before we were ready to eat. It was fine though because the carrots were really tender and full of flavor! I shredded the chicken and then put it in the fridge until I was ready to heat it up because I was afraid it would all fall apart in there, but it ended up being really tough.

My only complaints were that the chicken was really tough, which was my fault……we needed MORE dumplings…and the peas.Next time I make it –and there WILL be a next time!! Many next times!!!–I will leave out the peas because we don’t really care for them. And, I will make more dumplings!

It’s hard to beat Grandma’s Chicken N Dumplin’s, but this is right up there with it! Sooo good!

Thank you for the wonderful recipe, Mel! I’ve planned my next 10 meals or so around your blog!